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"This is an amazing product, I'm using it at 5 month postpartum and the difference in just one month is incredible!"

Sandra Preston by email

"I can’t believe how long and healthy my hair has got after 6 months of taking these! My hair was ruined from wearing extensions and now finally it’s growing and healthy again!"


"All I need on my shelfie! Finally a gummy which doesn’t just make your hair and nails longer and stronger but makes my skin all glowy too!"


"I have been taking the vitamins for about a month now and my nails are super strong. No signs of breakage or brittle nails, I am sooooo happy!!!"

Anne Marie via email

"This is my third month with Beauty & The Bear vitamins and my hair feels 100% healthier and fuller. Also, I don’t like taking tablets so these were handy and delicious!"

Emily Lewis via email

"These vitamins really work! I was a bit skeptical, but they did wonders to my nails, they grow really fast and stronger than before. Looking forward to seeing more results!"


"I’ve had so many questions about my hair since getting it cut - how do I keep it looking so healthy whilst also being so blonde and honestly, Beauty & The Bear are my secret weapon. I take them every single day. "


"These might not look that impressive, but my nails are normally weak, brittle and completely non-existent! Having not been able to go to nail salons at the moment, I bought these gummies to help them grow naturally and literally cannot believe these results!!!"

Alina via email

"After so much colouring, finally my hair is growing thanks to these amazing gummies!"


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