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  • Grows hair longer, stronger and fuller
  • Increases nail growth and strength
  • Promotes natural collagen production and a smooth, healthy complexion
  • Contains Biotin, Zinc, Panothenic Acid.
  • Formulated with clinically proven ingredients for effective results
  • Vegan
  • Free from soy, gluten, gelatine, nuts and lactose
  • Low calorie and guilt free – just 8 calories a bear
  • Taste amazing

Beauty & The Bear vegetarian gummy vitamins are a nourishing and tasty complex beauty supplement designed by leading dermatologists to provide the essential nutrients to support positive hair growth, healthy glowing skin, and stronger nails.

  • 1 Eat 2 gummy bears every day
  • 2 Your body naturally absorbs the vitamins and minerals provided which stimulate healthy hair, skin and nail growth
  • 3 A visible difference in the texture, length and strength of your hair should be visible within 12 weeks alongside stronger nails and a smooth, glowing complexion.
What are the benefits of taking Beauty & The Bear beauty gummies?

The winning combination of ingredients in each gummy enhances the body’s ability to:

• Grow stronger, thicker, longer and shiner hair at speed
• Improve hair elasticity and reduce breakage
• Grow healthier, stronger and longer nails
• Produce collagen for firmer, glowing, clearer and youthful looking skin

How do I take Beauty & The Bear gummies

• Take just two bear gummies a day for best results
• Exceeding this dosage will not make your hair or nails grow faster!
• Each bottle contains a months supply
• Chew each bear before swallowing and enjoy the wild berry flavour
• You can eat the bears anytime of day, with or without food. We recommend however you take them alongside your breakfast to help build a lasting routine

How long should I take the gummies for?

Beauty & The Bear gummies are designed for real, positive beauty results. Incorporating vitamin and minerals into your diet should be a lifestyle choice, not a temporary fad.

We recommend a minimum of 3 months.

How fast will my hair grow using Beauty & The Bear gummies?

With daily usage, you should expect approximately 1 inch per month, although results vary by individual.
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Are the gummies suitable for vegans?

Absolutely. We use only 100% vegan ingredients.

Are the gummies gluten free?

Yes, they are.

Are Beauty & The Bear gummies Halal?

All of the ingredients in our gummies are Halal and have been manufactured in a factory which is Halal compliant.

Will the gummies cause me to grow hair all over my body?

No. Beauty & The Bear gummies work to enhance scalp hair growth, not body hair growth.

Can I take Beauty & The Bear gummies if I have any diagnosed medical conditions?

You should always consult with a medical professional before starting any supplement regime, especially if taking any prescribed medication.

I can’t consume Biotin, can I still take the gummies?

If you are sensitive to Biotin, we recommend contacting your doctor first before taking Beauty & The Bear gummies. (Gummies contain 5000mcg Biotin).

Who can use Beauty & The Bear gummies?

Gummies are suitable for those aged 12+
They are suitable for men and women.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking other medication, it is best to seek medical practitioner advice before you consume our vitamins.

Can I take Beauty & The Bear gummies if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

As with all supplements, it is best to seek medical advice before taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What happens if I stop taking Beauty & The Bear gummies?

There are no side effects if you stop taking the gummies, you simply won't continue to reap the benefits of taking them.

Is it ok to take Beauty & The Bear gummies alongside other vitamins?

As with all supplements, it is best to seek medical advice especially if you already take other vitamins.

What countries do you deliver to?

We mainly deliver to the UK and Europe, but you can double check by selecting your delivery country at checkout.

Real customers, real results

"My daily routine starts from within... That's why every morning I take Beauty & The Bear yummy gummies to get my daily dose of vitamins! 💪"

"Since turning plant-based I have really taken an interest in which vitamins complement my diet. I'm really excited to see the difference!"

"Start the day right! I've been taking Beauty & The Bear for quite a while and my hair & nails have never felt better! (I've even managed to keep long nails, yay!)"

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